Crazy Coin Flip Mr Green

Crazy Coin Flip Mr Green

The Crazy Coin Flip game offers the best of both worlds within the casino universe; the traditional slot machine that creates a great level of excitement, and the live casino experience that enhances the player’s immersion in the game. In this way, Crazy Coin Flip is completely unique and innovative in its format!

In the game, you will get to play slot machines in the initial rounds and along the way collect multipliers that can potentially increase the size of your total win. If you hit three in a row during the initial qualifying round, you will move on to the final bonus round, where the red and blue coin is flipped and the sum of all multipliers from all rounds of play is added up.

The Crazy Coin Flip game is divided into three rounds: a qualifying round, where the goal is to qualify for the live bonus round, a top-up round, where for a limited time you have the opportunity to increase your multipliers before the final round of the game, the live bonus round, gets underway.

The bonus round is very special, because the moment you enter this round, you simultaneously move from the traditional slot game to a live gaming experience, which has to be said to be something completely new in the casino world. In short, if you’re ready for an innovative and unique gaming experience, Crazy Coin Flip is waiting for you at Mr Green!

The main benefits:

  • Unique slot game with live bonus round
  • More chances to collect multipliers
  • Ideal for players who like both slot machines and live casino

How to play the Qualifying Round

The qualifying round is the first in the game and starts as soon as you press start. In the qualifying round, you are greeted by a slot machine consisting of 5 reels with 3 rows. You must now try to land 3 Crazy Coin symbols in one spin to qualify for the next round. In the slot machine, there are also symbols that contain multipliers. If you hit any of these symbols, you will take the multipliers with you to the next rounds – provided you qualify. The multipliers are added together at the end of the game and can potentially help increase your winnings.

As a new feature, a Turbo feature has been introduced in the slot, which is designed for those players who like things to go a little fast. In addition, there is also an Autoplay feature which allows you to repeat spins a certain number of times.

Types of spins

Types of spins

During the qualifying round, you have the option to choose three types of spins on the slot machine: normal spin, XXXtreme spin and Super XXXtreme spin.

When the game is in normal spin mode and you make a bet, this will be your base bet which is used to calculate your winnings later on. XXXtreme spin and Super XXXtreme spin, on the other hand, are used to speed up the game in an attempt to qualify for the live round faster, as well as scale up the frequency of symbols. 

With XXXtreme spin you are guaranteed a symbol for every spin, however it costs you your base bet multiplied by five. Super XXXtreme spin, on the other hand, guarantees you two symbols for each spin and more frequent occurrences of multipliers, but in turn costs 50x your base bet.

Refuelling round

The top-up round takes place between the qualifying round and the live bonus round. This round of play is timed and gives you one last chance to get more multipliers before the live round begins.

In this round, you will play on a slot machine that contains three reels with three rows of red and blue coin symbols respectively. You have the opportunity to increase the value of the red and blue coin side, and thus the value of multipliers, by making additional bets and hitting three solid-coloured coins in a row before time runs out.

The values of the multipliers that you win are added together and added to the total multiplier during the top-up round. For example, if you get three blue coins in a row with values of 10x, 20x and 20x, these will be added together and 50x will be added to the blue coin value.

When the time is up, you will be taken into the live studio. However, if you have qualified just before the live bonus round starts, you have the option to stay in the top-up round for a little longer if you would like to try and collect more multipliers.

Live bonus rounds

When you’re finally ready for the big coin flip in the game’s final round, the live bonus round, you’ll be ushered into the live studio where a real host will greet you and show you the multipliers for the red and blue sides of the coin respectively. In the bonus round, you thus have the chance to increase the value of your multipliers one last time before the coin is flipped.

The multipliers that the live host displays on the screen consist of all the multipliers you have accumulated during the qualifying round, the top-up round and the live bonus round. These are now added together and displayed separately on the red and blue sides of the coin. The higher the multiplier found on the respective coin sides, the more the potential win size grows. Therefore, the coin side with the highest multiplier is the one to cheer for.

The live host will now cause the coin to be flipped. The side of the coin that is going to face up is considered the winning side, and your winnings will be paid out according to the value of the multiplier that belongs to the facing up side of the coin. The principle behind the payout is described in more detail below. 

Symbols and Payout

Symbols and Payout


x3 = 5 x payout x4 = 10 x payout x5 = 20 x payout


x3 = 2 x payout x4 = 6 x payout x5 = 12 x payout


x3 = 0.6 x payout x4 = 1.5 x payout x5 = 3.5 x payout


x3 = 0.5 x payout x4 = 1.3 x payout x5 = 3 x payout


x3 = 0.4 x payout x4 = 1 x payout x5 = 2.5 x payout


x3 = 0.3 x payout x4 = 0.7 x payout x5 = 2 x payout


x3 = 0.2 x payout x4 = 0.5 x payout x5 = 1.5 x payout

Payout in the coin flip bonus round

Pays out according to the following principle:

Multipliers from qualifying round x multipliers from coin flip (for winning side) x player’s base bet.

If the player wins more than one in a row during the qualifying round and/or the top-up round, these will be added to the payout for the bonus round to make up the total win.

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