Exclusive Live Roulette

Exclusive Live Roulette

Evolution Gaming is considered one of the leading companies when it comes to developing innovative and sophisticated live dealer casino games. The best known live dealer casino game currently in their portfolio is, without comparison, live roulette. In recent years, the company has managed to develop a double-digit number of variations on live roulette, including the exclusive live roulette game that can only be experienced at Mr Green Casino.

Evolution Gaming’s exclusive live roulette game at Mr Green is immensely popular among players at the casino because as many as 1,000 different players can place bets at the same time. The exclusive live roulette game at Mr Green Casino uses roulette wheels manufactured by internationally renowned live gaming equipment manufacturers such as Cammegh and TCS John Huxley. The wheel is delivered with a wide range of betting options, a dazzling visual look, plenty of innovative features in addition to professional live dealers that make your online gaming experience even greater.

In this in-depth review of the exclusive live roulette game in Mr Green Casino, we will get around to all the important features of the game. We will also look at how to play live roulette in Mr Green Casino, the game rules and the betting options available to players. We’ll look at the payouts for each type of bet and explain why it’s worth both the time and money to get the experience of a few rounds in this phenomenal live dealer game at Mr Green Casino.

Mr Green’s exclusive roulette at a glance

Live roulette is considered one of the fastest growing online casino games in the igaming industry. And it continues to grow, thanks to the releases of new game variations packed with impressive features that time and again surprise players when they expectantly log on to their favourite live casino. One game in particular continues to gain justified attention in the gaming industry; the exclusive live roulette game from Evolution Gaming, which can only be played at Mr Green.

This ‘Exclusive live Roulette’ game at Mr Green Casino is based on European roulette, and it features changing camera angles that give the player more flexibility and expanded options during the game. You will also notice the layout of the table itself, and also the background differs significantly from other live roulette editions, making it unique and truly exclusive to Mr Green Casino. Evolution Gaming’s live roulette game is extremely well-stocked with features, ranging from live chat box to advanced video and audio options. So much for the introduction to the game; let’s take a closer look at the features available in the game to see if it’s worth your time and money.

Features of Mr Green’s exclusive roulette

Features of Mr Green's exclusive roulette

All the innovative features available at this exclusive live roulette are displayed in every corner of the screen, giving you the full view of the table and the live dealer behind the roulette wheel (the dealer who runs the game is also called the croupier). At the same time, the layout of the bets is shown in a bright green colour, representing Mr Green, along with the numbers in classic white and black. This roulette table is already different from the usual European roulette tables that you will find in land-based casinos.

Live Chat, Cashier and Balance Balancing

You will find a live chat box at the bottom left corner of the screen, and here you can write messages directly to both the live dealer and the other players around the table. You’ll also see a dollar sign that takes you directly to the ‘cashier’ of Mr Green Casino, the place in your account where you make deposits and withdrawals. You can also see your balance below the chat box along with your total bet for the current game.

Favourite Bets and Special Bets

At the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll find three round buttons that allow you to view your favourite bets and Special Bets, in addition to game statistics and an autoplay button that you can use to place identical bets in any round you wish.

The Favourites and Special Bets buttons are the first of the innovative features you’ll enjoy here when playing the exclusive live roulette at Mr Green Casino. To use this feature, simply place your bet and click ‘Save’ to save. Now the software will remember your bet and save it for the next time you play live roulette. You can also create your very own bet and save it, by selecting the second page under ‘Favourite and Special Bets’, where you can mark numbers as well as the so-called final bets Finales a Cheval (where all number pairs, i.e. (split) bets covering two numbers, end on the same digit) and Finale a Plein (where all numbers end on the same digit).

Statistics sections

The statistics button opens a section where you can gain valuable insight into the rounds you have played so far. You can view up to 500 rounds. The statistics are divided into three parts with information that can help you make more informed choices when placing your chips. For example, on the first of these pages you can see a layout showing the roulette wheel and a graph illustrating where the ball has most frequently landed – clearly marked with red and blue markers. You will also see a flame and a snowflake on either side of the roulette wheel; they symbolise the hot and cold numbers. There’s even a row of numbers above the first stats page; this shows the latest numbers to come out.

The second stats page shows you percentages for various outside bets. For example, you can see how many times the ball has landed in the zero pocket, on the first dozen, second and third dozen, the first, second and third columns, numbers 1 to 18, even numbers, red, black and numbers 19 to 36. You can also see how many times the ball has landed in Tier, Orphelins and Voisins. The third statistics page shows you the last 500 rounds with the number that came out in each round.

Add Table feature and Lobby icon

Evolution Gaming’s exclusive live roulette game also gives you a flexible option to add a new live dealer game to your online gaming session at Mr Green Casino while playing live roulette. You click on the “+Table” icon next to the Auto Play button, in the bottom right corner. When you select the “+Table” icon, the screen will be split in two and you will see Mr Green Live Casino on the right side, while your live roulette game continues on the left side. You can now choose another live casino game in Mr Green Casino, and this way with two live dealer games at the same time you can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Next to the “+Table” icon, you will also see a “Lobby” icon which takes you back to the Mr Green Games Lobby where you can select another live dealer once you have completed your live roulette game.

View Chat and Responsible Gaming

View Chat

In the top right corner of this live roulette game, you will find even more features for you to enjoy. The first icon allows you to expand the live chat feature on the right side of the screen, and here you can see all the comments made by other players. You will also notice another tab in the live chat feature, which will take you directly to customer support if you experience any problems or if you might have any questions regarding the game you are playing. Next to the live chat icon, you will find the Responsible Gaming button. When you click on it, a new window will pop up with more information about deposit and loss limits, as well as information on how to get help.

Change view function

Next to the Responsible Gambling button, there is a Switch View button which allows you to switch between a classic and a 3D view. The game will open in classic view, where you can see the full picture of the table and the live dealer. Switching to 3D view will give you a more realistic view of the whole table in a smaller video window in the middle of the screen, while you can see the neighbouring bets (described below), statistics and the live chat box on the left.

Sound level, settings, history and help

Next to the Change View function, you have a sound bar with which you can adjust the background sounds and the sound of the dealer. In addition, you will see the settings screen, where you will find settings for the game. At the settings icon you can hide the chat box, turn on auto zoom during the roulette spin and choose from several different game settings for your session with time options between 30 and 120 minutes. You can also change the video quality of the game as well as the game sound and the dealer’s voice. The other icons in this top right corner are history, help and full screen. Under help you’ll get all the guidance you could want, while the full screen icon allows you to make the game fill the entire screen.

Types of bets and their payouts

At the top left of the screen, you can find more information about the general payouts for each of the roulette numbers. Hover (on desktop) over the top left corner to activate the information bar on the screen. You can choose to have the payout info locked on the screen by selecting the thumbnail, or you can choose for it to be hidden when you remove the mouse from the area. The payout info bar shows you the type of bet, the minimum and maximum bet allowed and the payout for each type of bet. The minimum bet in live roulette at Mr Green is £10.00 and the maximum is £100,000.

More Pop-up Features

You will also see several pop-up features in this live roulette game during your playing session. For example, you will get a notification of the winning number every time the ball stops. It appears at the bottom of the screen, and it is followed by a pop-up message above the live chat box on the left side. This announces the winner and the amount from that round.

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