Bet on MotoGP – Go for pole position

Bet on MotoGP – Go for pole position

In the quest for high-octane excitement, you won’t find many other sports that make your heart race like you do with MotoGP. You don’t need a powerful 500cc engine between your legs to get your kicks, you can get that with MotoGP.

The first Grand Prix for motorcycles took place way back in 1949 when Harold Daniell won the first ever 500cc Grand Prix at the now world famous Isle of Man TT. The first season saw competition in 5 categories: 125cc, 230cc, 350cc, 500cc and Sidecars.

Honda’s Marc Márquez is currently the dominant figure in the sport, having won the MotoGP World Championship in 2013, 2014 and 2016 to 2019 – Marc Márquez was born in 1993. With age on his side, he has a good chance of becoming one of the very best ever, and indeed the Spaniard is already the rider who has won the fourth most world championships – just 4 titles fewer than the most winning rider ever: Giacomo Agostini.

The MotoGP season runs from March to November, and in 2020 there will be 20 rounds held around the world, from the famous Silverstone Circuit in England and Le Mans in France, to the exotic Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, Losail International Circuit in Qatar and Circuit Of The Americas in the USA.

Of course, motorcycle racing isn’t just limited to MotoGP, so you’ll also find slots on World Superbike, British Superbike, speedway and motocross.

How to play MotoGP

As is the case with most spectator-friendly sports around the world, there is a huge betting selection on MotoGP to find, and bet on. If you prefer a quick win, you can bet on the individual MotoGP races, while those who like a longer game can bet on the outcome of a MotoGP season or even further into the future.

MotoGP season bets

You’ll find a wide range of MotoGP championship bets at Mr Green, from the winner of the riders’ world championship to the constructors’ world championship, and in between there’s a wide range of betting markets. In fact, you can bet on the order of certain riders’ overall position in the season, as well as try your hand at handicap betting and head-to-heads between riders.

Betting on the MotoGP races

Betting on the MotoGP races

Betting on the outcome of a MotoGP race isn’t just about trying to guess the winner. On the contrary, there are a huge number of betting markets available on every aspect of the race, from who will come out on top in qualifying to who will set the fastest lap. And as with MotoGP season betting, you can also play handicap bets on the riders, as well as placing head-to-heads – and speed row bets, which involve guessing the order of finish for predetermined riders in a specific race.

MotoGP Live Betting

What’s more, if you love to curl up on the sofa and watch this weekend’s MotoGP race on TV, you can even bet on the race as it unfolds.

Mr Green’s betting markets allow for MotoGP live betting, so if you think a rider is off form on a particular day, or conditions are about to change in his favour, you can try and profit from this in real time.

For example, if Marc Márquez has fallen slightly behind the leading riders but now seems to have regained form, you can bet £100 on him at, say, odds of 6 to turn the race on its head and finish top of the podium, pocketing a £600 prize for your efforts.

Get a head start with MotoGP betting strategies

The first tip for doing well at MotoGP betting, as with any other sport, is to do proper research to work out some good strategies.

In MotoGP, there is often a big favourite for each race, but a single rider has never won all the races in a season. In fact, Márquez has won the most races in a single season, as in 2014 (which was only his second season in MotoGP) he won a whopping 13 out of 18 races – that’s winning 72.22% of the races.

A good thing to keep an eye on when trying to find a good bet in one of the MotoGP markets is the riders’ past performances at each track. Let’s use Marquez again as an example. He’s won 5 out of 5 races at Sachsenring in Germany, but doesn’t fare nearly as well at Silverstone, where the Spaniard has only won once in five attempts – in two of those attempts he retired from the race. Nevertheless, he is probably still the favourite in the British Grand Prix, but you might find more value in betting on other drivers at this track.

Furthermore, changes in the weather can provide great opportunities for those betting on MotoGP – especially if they bet on some of our live betting markets. Tyres, of course, have an important bearing on tactics and race outcomes, so if the weather suddenly changes and the leading rider is wearing dry weather tyres, you might consider how much a potential pit stop will have on his chances of winning, and whether betting on a rider wearing the right type of tyre would be a wise move.

Enjoy a 100% bonus on your first MotoGP bet

Enjoy a 100% bonus

So wherever you are, you can enjoy the excitement of the race and bet on MotoGP at Mr Green. Our wide range of sports betting markets, makes us the perfect place to tap into your MotoGP knowledge.

You’ll also get a 100% bonus on your first bet on MotoGP with us! So, for example, if you bet £100 on Marc Márquez winning his next race, whether he wins the race or not, we’ll give you a £100 free bet! Can it get much better?

With fast pay-ins and pay-outs and a great looking website to play on, MotoGP betting at Mr Green is fast, painless and a whole lot of fun.

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